The Gathering

In this moment of creation, I released myself, envisioning my body as more energy than matter. Within this 30-second exposure, I entered the frame and playfully conjured light, triggering my strobe. For me, these 28 spheres of light represent the 28 collectors of this edition, gathering together outside of time as if cosmic conspirators supporting my creative journey. I am blessed. This image is a portal inviting you to embark on a journey where imagination and reality intertwine, and the forest whispers its deepest wisdom into your soul.



Kristopher Grunert


Kristopher Grunert is a Canadian artist using photography to lift the veil and reveal what seems to be a spiritual realm here on Earth. The harmony between his inner world and the physical environment engages the viewers’ creativity, inspiring them to embody this new perspective as their own. Using light and shadow to bridge the duality between humans and technology, the built world and the natural world.

He has created images for many corporations including GE, Google, Nike and his work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Wallpaper, Monocle, I.D. and Technology Review.

Kristopher has recently developed a framework for Photography as Meditation and is designing one-of-a-kind photographic experiences meant to expand the consciousness of the participants while connecting to their higher self, the planet.



Extended Editorial




Kristopher Grunert






Extended Editorial

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