The Spice Must Flow by Lauren Thompson

“My road leads into the desert.” - Dune

A few hours among the shining gypsum at White Sands National Park changed my artistic journey forever and ignited a love affair with this surreal location where reality bends to fantasy.

The dunes at White Sands are never static. They move with the whispers and gusts of the wind; they are shaped by shifting light and shadow. I never expected these rolling desert hills and valleys to become my most treasured muse. It’s a vibrant and ephemeral landscape — with delicate textures constantly transformed by a stray caress of sunlight or a gently darkening sky. Like the spice melange of Arrakis, the dunes present a different face every time you photograph them.

This series of eight 1/1 images was captured over the course of one perfect November day getting lost — and finding myself — within the intoxicating White Sands spice.