A Glimpse into Angami Family Life: A Mother's Love for Her Child in Northeast India

In the village of Kigwema in Nagaland, Northeast India, an Angami mother is swaddling her newborn child in her traditional home. The scene provides a glimpse into the daily life and family traditions of the Angami tribe.

The mother's love and care for her child are evident in the way she gently wraps the baby in a traditional cloth, known as a lotha. The baby's comfort and safety are a top priority for the mother, reflecting the importance of family and community in Angami culture.

The mother's traditional home is adorned with Angami handicrafts and artifacts, providing a glimpse into the tribe's unique cultural heritage. The use of bamboo and wood in construction and the intricate wood carvings on the walls and pillars reflect the tribe's traditional building methods.

Through the mother's actions, the importance of preserving traditional family and cultural practices is highlighted. The act of swaddling a child with a lotha has been passed down through generations, and is an essential part of Angami culture.

The scene provides a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the Angami tribe, and the importance of family, community, and tradition in their way of life. It is a reminder of the need to preserve and celebrate the unique cultural diversity of Northeast India.


Leslie A Spurlock


Leslie Spurlock is a photojournalist, storm chaser, and creative portrait artist. She lived with the rebels in Haiti for 3 weeks when they ousted President Aristide, photographed Tropical Storm Jeanne that killed 3000 people in Haiti, covered many hurricanes and natural disasters, and 17 protests across the US during 2020. Her work has been published in many publications including Time, Wall Street Journal, Mother Jones, NY Post, The Guardian, Der Spiegel, Miami Herald, Austin American Statesman, Daily Mail, ABC, CNN, and Yahoo.



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Kohima, Nagaland, India


Angami mom and child




Leslie A Spurlock








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