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Orange Playground by Lina Chu

About this series

Sometimes I use my camera to capture moments of cultural or environmental significance and, other times, photography allows me to look at the world with a child’s eyes and explore it out of genuine curiosity. Slot canyons appear to be a perfect playground. One where you can gain some wisdom, just like children learn when playing.

I’ll share three lessons I got from the slot canyons:
One - be patient, perseverant, and only employ soft power. For millions of years, water has been carving deep gorges out from the tiniest cracks in the sandstone.

Two - be playful and adventurous. Delve into the unknown around every corner, keep following the path, and enjoy things that come along your way.

Three - light inside us makes us more beautiful. Just like the sunbeams that reveal the bright colors of the canyon walls.

What do you think you would learn from the slot canyons?

Lina Chu


Lina Chu is a Ukrainian-Vietnamese travel, adventure and documentary photographer. She started her photography journey with a simple phone camera exploring Kyiv hidden streets back in 2016. Two years later, you could find her with a camera in her hands, shooting hundreds of photos everyday during the six months that she spent traveling around the United States, living out of a self-built teardrop camper. Since that moment, she carries her camera with her wherever she hitchhikes, couchsurfs, backpacks solo or with friends, jumps with joy when seeing a sunrise or a cloud inversion (or both), or freezes in awe when spotting wildlife.

Photography comes as an organic continuation of her inquisitiveness for the world around her. It is also her tool for promoting a healthy interaction between humans and nature, the culture of outdoor adventures, as well as inspiring people to explore their cultural and natural heritage.