The Spirits of the Polar Ural by Liseykina

This series of photographs was taken in the mountains of the Polar Ural. The hard-to-reach Lake Khadata-Yugan-Lor is hundreds of kilometers from civilization. There is nothing around but boundless tundra, wild mountains, glaciers, bears, hordes of mosquitoes, midges and several reindeer herders’ camps, where people live with their deer in the wild, just like their ancestors did centuries ago. We travelled by all-terrain vehicles through the swamps and tundra, and it took us two days. And our way back was the same.

On the way we broke the brakes on our cross-country vehicles, then our wheel fell off, we got stuck in the swamp, crossed lots of rivers, constantly repaired something and hid from mosquitoes and heavy winds. It seemed that the Spirits of the Polar Urals didn’t really want to let uninvited guests in.

And when you live in the wilderness for a week, some amazing things begin to happen in the tent. One evening I was lying on a soft and elastic moss. It was a hard day behind, so when I finally closed my eyes, some bizarre images of the spirits of these places began to appear in my imagination... See more

Elena Liseykina


I'm travel and landscape photographer, and been taking photos for about 15 years... See more