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Nine Lives and Golden Eyes by Austin Swisher

I got into the NFT space 10 months ago, and since then, I’ve been sharing my cat photos with the NFT community on Twitter. After being in the space for a month, I put my first collection together and went onto make 3+ ETH and sell nearly 40 1/1 pieces of my work. With my photos, I want to portray these felines in a way that makes them as relatable as humanly possible. Cats have such huge personalities and are so incredibly individualistic, I love to showcase the sort of expressions they’re capable of exhibiting at times. And with this collection, my goal is to elevate this concept even more so than I did with the first collection.

I’ve spent the last seven months putting this collection together. Since then, I’ve vastly improved my composition skills, editing, and overall consistency as an artist. I’ve developed a specific style which I've come to be recognized for by many in the NFT space. I shot each photo with a goal in mind: make each and every one of the cats I photograph look powerful and majestic. A lot of times, when these cats find me, they can be emaciated, weak, and scared of anything that moves. And once I can convince them to trust me, all I want to do is to help t... See more