A Hawksbill Turtle by Lucid Creationz Ltd

Eretmochelys imbricata / A hawksbill turtle swimming gracefully in the waters on a morning wall dive in the red sea egypt. The turtle was super calm & let me get up real close for a brief moment of eye contact & allowed me to take this beautiful image.

Fun fact about the Hawksbill Turtle:

It's named for its “beak” They feed almost exclusively on sponges. They're solitary nesters. They nest nearly 4 times per season. The largest populations occur in the tropical seas. Their most dangerous times in life are right after their eggs hatch. Their shell starts out heart shaped. Adult hawksbill turtles can hold their breath for up to 3 hours. Research tells that they have existed for more than 100 million years

Not so fun a fact:

Humans are their biggest thread as they are still hunted for their shells & having their eggs harvested. Other threats like Human waste, bycatch, ocean pollution, marine debris, and climate change plays a factor as well. They're the most endangered sea turtle population worldwide & were once almost hunted to extinction.

How can you help?

Reduce marine debris that may entangle or be accidentally eaten by sea turtles.

Use reusable water b... See more