About this series

This series exposes the magnetic power of the gigantic Nature that surrounds us.

These photographs were shot in different continents, climates, seasons, and contexts.

One underlying character ties them all together: their explosive character. They’re all extreme in their own way. They’re also all extreme in their geographical situation: at the highest peak of the Alps (Mont Blanc) and at the furthest points of the planet (Patagonia, Cape of Good Hope).

They’re dauntless. They’re immense. They’re thunderous.

Yet, they’re so peaceful.

A soothing harmony emanates from contemplating this spectacular show.

In that effusive explosion, it all comes together.

The friction of the 4 classical elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air) creates an overarching harmony that prevails.

This curation also creates a loop between the raw character of Nature displayed in these photographs and the raw character of analog photography. Just a lens, a shutter button, 36 cells on a film and a magnificent expression of Nature.