About this series

I decided to create this series "Life in dark" when I was in a moment in life where everything got messed up, I felt alone and hadn't touched my camera for a long time. I was spending time in the armed forces being deployed in Siachen Glaicer, often referred to as the world's highest battlefield without network connectivity at -40 degrees, at that time I only watched sunrises and sunsets of the glacier. All around me was white but being away from home and my people, everything around me looked so bleak and dark. When I got back from my holiday, I decided to create the "life in dark", a series where I help find my way through life, creating art through lens and manipulation. The work is also presented and shared on my Instagram feed.

Manoj Singh


Manoj Gurjar is a travel photographer from Rajasthan, India. He began with street photography and later on started exploring the genre of travel photography. He wishes to enter the realm of wildlife photography. During his travels he has explored the city of Mumbai, Rajasthan, Varanasi, Himachal, Kerala and a few more. The aim is to have a never ending list of travelled places. Travelling under budget can be considered his speciality, fulfilling the motto more in less. Gurjar has had the honour of having a winning streak of the Honor Global Competition three times in a row. His work has been featured in the Nomadict magazine and the Chizz magazine. An enthusiast for adventure, he believes photography has brought him close to the natural world and changed his perspective towards life. He has joined the Indian Army to fulfill his passion for adventure. He lives life with the philosophy of stay maluk and do what makes you feel alive. So, welcome to his journey of feeling alive.