About this series

This series has won third place in the Visions International Photography Awards contest. Judged by international highly commended photographers like Julia Anna Gospodarou, Carmine Chiriaco, Karim Bouchareb and many others.

The series is dedicated to the objects you can find around the Markermeer (Markerlake) in the Netherlands. The Markerlake is named after the former island of Marken in the southwest area of the lake, which today is a peninsula connected to the hinterland.

If you are at the lake you can find silence, emptiness and peace. Especially on cloudy and foggy days. That's the series is about, the isolated objects in their peaceful environment. All images have been taken with a long exposure effect creating a soft canvas of water and sky. It removes details so the object becomes the main subject. The images have been processed in a very advanced way to black and white according to the zoning system of Ansel Adams. This technique requires vision and patience to get the silver and beautiful tones in an image. It's recommended to print this on aluminum, it gives the enrichment of tones and depth of the images.