Artifact Series: Scapeshift, a series by Marvin Grey

About this series

Landscapes are ever-changing. From the changes in seasons, to natural phenomena, the environment continues to change over time but never gets displaced. The location remains the same. The essence and memory of the altered subject or terrain lingers—more like a feeling, than a sight. It’s not fleeting, but rather stays with you as you remain within the place.

When the tide shifts from low to high, the once barren terrain starts to overflow with mana from the sea that brings changes into the landscape: growth, abundance and the overflowing amount of energy that the ocean cycles from every part of the earth. This deluge can be seen as a powerful force that can destroy; and yet it can also be seen as a force that brings solitude onto the shoreline. The presence of water presents a unique opportunity and challenge in one’s perspective.

“Artifact Series: Scapeshift” is a concept inspired by the fervent changes within the landscape that I had attempted to immortalize into images. Behind each image is a subject surrounded by the crashing waves of the sea, depicted into a state of calmness and tranquility.