About this series

In the black and white photo series "Kirkpinar Memories," I aim to capture the essence of Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling, showcasing it as a living testament to one of the oldest traditional sports in history. Going beyond mere sports photography, these images provide a visual documentary of the raw and authentic moments that embody the spirit of Kirkpinar. This series is a celebration of heritage, documenting an art form that transcends time itself.

The significance of "Kirkpinar Memories" has been recognized through accolades such as the Sille Sanat Sarayı Yurdagul Ozsavasci Cup in Turkey in 2019. Additionally, it received the esteemed Collectif du Herrison Grand Prix and was exhibited at the renowned Arles Off Festival in France in 2020. These honors underscore the captivating power of the series and its ability to resonate with both Turkish and international audiences, further cementing its artistic and cultural significance.


Masis Usenmez


Masis Usenmez, EFIAP, an Armenian origin, Turkish street photographer based in France. With a focus on street and documentary photography, his captivating black-and-white images play with light and shadow, creating a surreal atmosphere. With numerous awards and over 300 acceptances and medals in competitions, Masis has exhibited his work internationally, offering profound insights into human life and culture. He graduated Master of Photography at Marmara University.