For more than 10 years, photographer Matt Humphrey has been granted exclusive backstage access to world-class productions in London’s performing arts scene. Dressed in black from head to toe, Matt adapted to the environment and gained the trust of technicians, actors, and producers to document life backstage. This unobtrusive, fly on the wall commentary earned him the nickname ‘Backstage Ninja’.

This backstage theatre work is unparalleled and extensive - only a handful of photographers ever get to capture this world.

Add in the logistical nature of shooting in extremely low light (high ISO, slow shutter, wide aperture), and only getting one opportunity to create the images - Backstage Ninja really stands on its own as a unique fly on the wall commentary of the unseen life behind the scenes.

The collection features 8 1/1 photographs - carefully selected vignettes of backstage life from a variety of perspectives - all taken during live performances.

The audience never gets to see what goes on behind the scenes, to peek behind the curtain, to see the hugely collaborative and choreographed flow and rituals of life in the shadows. This is a unique opportunity to do so.