Floral Lovescapes by Mayra Rae Collection Header Image

Melting away in your own head can be a good way to pass the time but the Earth and its flowers call to us - it's in our DNA. Floral Lovescapes paints a world where there is only you and the flowers breathing around you.

This 1/1 series of 10 composite photographs was shot over the course of the last three years, detailing a time where I moved away from New York City after seven years of calling it home. With a broken heart and the same 35mm camera I've had since the age of 15, I began taking experimental self portraits around the Pacific Northwest and Southern California in order to connect to myself and the natural world again.

Destruction brings creation, and this series was born out of just that. By altering film using a variety of corrosive and not so corrosive chemicals (pink sparkling wine? Cleaning supplies? Check!), shooting with double exposure film techniques, and tying everything up in a pink psychedelic bow in Photoshop, I created 10 unique "Floral Lovescapes" all using 35mm and medium format film.

These images are an homage to our natural human connection to the Earth and the beautiful sights that cover it. I tend to find I feel like I am whole, not scattered and... See more