About this series

Color has always been important to me throughout my Photography journey. It can be used to create a photographic style. It can also help share a message if you play with the temperature and intensity. It also brings challenges as finding a different style with color is not easy.

With this series, I wanted to share the power of color with the world as if it can carry a meaning except for its pure beauty. I wanted to show you the beautiful places I traveled blessed with sunset colors that can arouse warm emotions in you and freshen your soul!

I dug deeper through my portfolio and carefully curated these 10 images that I chased light and color to reflect the warm feeling I got when I photographed these places with the hope that you would feel the same love and passion as well as mine. Each photo is the result of difficult techniques being used while shooting and the intensive editing process to carry my signature style inside the images.

Mesut Felat


Mesut Felat is an award-winning Landscape Photographer based in Portugal. He was first infected by taking Photographs in 2006 and has never looked back since then. He lives his dreams of traveling with his Camera, which allows him to go after his passion and capture the beauties of nature to share them with the world.

After studying different genres of Photography, he ended up specializing in Landscape Photography, where he found his true meaning and passion. Landscape Photography is not an easy genre to specialize in. Most of the beautiful landscapes were already photographed, and one needs to differentiate a style that's both different and eyecatching. After shooting thousands of photographs and spending tireless hours editing, he created a recognizable style with a color-rich palette that has the wow factor and makes viewers look twice.

He started his NFT journey in September 2021; he is not only present in the space as an artist but also a community builder. He is part of the great Photography communities, and DAOs specialize in Photography. He is also grateful that his works have been collected by the most known collectors in the space.