Two worlds merging in a singular spot. A man-made road leading to untapped nature. This is symbolic of our relationship to the natural world. We created cities to remove ourselves, yet the draw to return always remains. The rising sun shines light onto this truth, exposing the absolute beauty of a world not yet forgotten.

I should have been on the other side of this image that morning. Two injuries in our group forced us to give up on the expedition to the top of Half Dome. Instead we came here and the morning glow of the rising sun illuminated the area with an almost heavenly touch. This was where I was supposed to be, to take this image and to remind myself why the natural world is so important.


Michael Castaneda


Growing up, I was one of those people who really disliked going out into nature. I felt comfort in the city and had no passion to ever leave. When I moved across the country, I was exposed to what nature truly is and it completely changed my entire life. A camera somehow found its way into my hand and I decided that I wanted to start showing the world some truly amazing places in hopes of preventing anyone from ever being like my younger and very naive self. As I began to form a style, two painters were actually my inspiration, Bierstadt and Kinkade. Their ability to portray the dance of light and shadows inspired me to create images of a once hidden world to me and expose it from beyond the shadows.



Limited Commercial


Yosemite, California

Time of Day

Mid Morning

Light Source

Light Rays




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Limited Commercial

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