Reflection of Time

Hours of driving the day before and little sleep to match, we were on our way. It was 2am when we started our trek. The darkness of the night swallowed our light like an unforgiving black hole. 3 miles through untamed wilderness until we reached our destination. Anticipation coursed through our veins as anxiety lingered in the dark. The goal was to get there before sunrise and shoot some astro, but an unfortunate break in the path brought us a half a mile off course.

The peaking sunlight beyond the horizon pierced through the blackened air providing us the ability to correctly navigate back on course. As we made our final ascent up the trail, the moment we had all been waiting for was about to arrive. The patterns in the rocks danced all around us as if music itself was personified into the walls. We had the place to ourselves for quite some time and spent hours shooting and exploring every place we could. As we were leaving, I looked back one last time to say my farewells and saw this scene. I knew I had to capture this moment, this emotion, this feeling. I put my bag down and pulled out my gear. This moment was everything we had experienced put into one single image. This moment was the story of our trip. This was a reflection of time.


Michael Castaneda


Growing up, I was one of those people who really disliked going out into nature. I felt comfort in the city and had no passion to ever leave. When I moved across the country, I was exposed to what nature truly is and it completely changed my entire life. A camera somehow found its way into my hand and I decided that I wanted to start showing the world some truly amazing places in hopes of preventing anyone from ever being like my younger and very naive self. As I began to form a style, two painters were actually my inspiration, Bierstadt and Kinkade. Their ability to portray the dance of light and shadows inspired me to create images of a once hidden world to me and expose it from beyond the shadows.



Limited Commercial


The Wave, Arizona

Time of Day

Mid Morning

Light Source

Peaking over Mountains




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Limited Commercial

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