When the conditions align just right each February, nature gives us quite the annual showing at one of our nation's most majestic National Parks. This rare event is known as the Yosemite Firefall and to make a long explanation short, the setting sunlight hits horsetail fall in a way that makes it look like lava is falling off the side of the cliff. The event itself is a lot of fun to witness and experience, but spending the evening surrounded by thousands of people all there to witness this singular event is what stands out the most to me. There is just a different energy in the air. Frustrations and anger no longer seem to exist (at least in my experiences) and it feels like a collective gathering of excitement and love channels itself throughout the sea of people. The event itself is amazing to see, but the experience of the entire day will be something that sticks with you for a lifetime.


Michael Castaneda


Growing up, I was one of those people who really disliked going out into nature. I felt comfort in the city and had no passion to ever leave. When I moved across the country, I was exposed to what nature truly is and it completely changed my entire life. A camera somehow found its way into my hand and I decided that I wanted to start showing the world some truly amazing places in hopes of preventing anyone from ever being like my younger and very naive self. As I began to form a style, two painters were actually my inspiration, Bierstadt and Kinkade. Their ability to portray the dance of light and shadows inspired me to create images of a once hidden world to me and expose it from beyond the shadows.



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Yosemite, California

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