The Elders

When I came to this spot, I searched all around to find a story. Tapping into my own emotion of the moment, I finally found a spot then placed a person in the middle to show off the massive size of these giant trees. I wanted to tell the story of an ancient forest, one standing long before any of us walked over their roots. A grouping of elders offering wisdom to a much younger and often naive new world. A story that personified my own naivety all too well.


Michael Castaneda


Growing up, I was one of those people who really disliked going out into nature. I felt comfort in the city and had no passion to ever leave. When I moved across the country, I was exposed to what nature truly is and it completely changed my entire life. A camera somehow found its way into my hand and I decided that I wanted to start showing the world some truly amazing places in hopes of preventing anyone from ever being like my younger and very naive self. As I began to form a style, two painters were actually my inspiration, Bierstadt and Kinkade. Their ability to portray the dance of light and shadows inspired me to create images of a once hidden world to me and expose it from beyond the shadows.



Limited Commercial


Sequoia, California

Time of Day

Late Afternoon

Light Source

Sunstar with Rays through trees




1 / 1






Limited Commercial

Primary NFT holders are free to use in advertising or parts of merchandise, including but not limited to, t-shirts, tote bags, mugs, in a total combined production run under one hundred (100) items.

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