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Christus DEL is a 10 years long documentary project about the journey of a young seminarian to become a priest, he received the stigmata by the age of 6 and he started to receive divine message from the Virgin Mary by the age of 13. His phenomena has been studied by Bishop Alessandro Gemma and Father Amorth amongst others. Nowadays he lives in a remote area of rural Italy to avoid crowds and pursue his will to dedicate his life to God.

The first appearance of stigmata phenomenon is dated 1224 A.C. September 14th , San Francesco from Assisi received the signs 2 years before his death while praying on Penna mount ( Arezzo, Italy) , since then many other people claimed to have been blessed by the “stigmata gift”, the Vatican has always been cautious about this signs. Stigmata phenomenon has been analyzed several times during history, it is something that happens only in Catholic religion.


Mirko Viglino


Mirko Viglino (b.1980 Rome) is a documentary photographer based in Rome. He has a background as commercial pilot and air traffic controller. He graduated at ISFCI Photojournalism School and received the WSP masterclass scholarship. His works has been published and exhibited across Europe, USA and Asia and won several international awards. He has been represented by the Dorothy Circus Gallery and he has received the National Geographic Emergency Fund Grant in 2020. His work is focused on extraordinary beliefs, cold cases, and personal stories. His storytelling mixes traditional documentary photography, cinematic lightning techniques, and investigative journalism.



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Italy, Portugal




Mirko Viglino








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