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NYC Pride has been an event that has pulled at me to go for years, finally fulfilled this calling in 2023. An incredible day filled with such high energy, inclusiveness, diversity, and absolutely amazing scenes - I am so glad to have attended and will plan to for years to come. There was something special about this year - the LGBT community has come under a lot of fire from opponents in a charged political climate. It felt important to be a part of the event as an ally to the community, providing support to people that simply do not feel safe in many areas of the world.

Around 2 million attended this year’s NYC Pride - an astounding number which brought incredible energy to the celebration of taking pride in who we are as individuals and who we are as a community. The freedom to express ourselves in whichever way we deem appropriate was amazing to be a part of. It is an event that I will never forget and one that I hoped to document with as much energy as I received from it. The people are what make Pride celebrations what they are, without people there is no Pride - there is no community. I was standing against the barricade watching the parade go by and I couldn’t help but to be moved by the energy of everyone. Many showed an amazing display of confidence and belonging that I could only dream of.

Collectors of this edition will be placed into a raffle for a 1/1 shot during 2023 NYC Pride.



Dan Woo (BanthaFodderDan)


Born and raised in Upstate NY, I found an interest in photography at an early age but had lost touch with it for some years after high school. I returned to photography around 2012 before my daughter was born and broke the rust off and haven’t looked back. Initially I spent a lot of time taking photographs at comic conventions, and this is where I found my love of candid scenes. After some years of shooting generally I really got into street photography as it was a way to connect with everyday beauty around us, so many stories playing out that we never pay attention to. I believe that we can learn a lot from being observant and present in our daily life.



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Dan Woo






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