Ragnarök Green by Adrien Mauduit

About this series

Chasing the aurora borealis demands a lot of time, dedication, knowledge, relentlessness, and resilience. The holy grail of aurora chasing and photography is the rare, elusive auroral expansion: the aurora explodes in bright and colorful dancing bands and pillars that end up engulfing the whole sky. As this fleeting moment usually lasts for less than 5 minutes, capturing it demands a great deal of skill, luck, knowledge, and concentration. The aurora is so bright and fast that one second difference can give you a totally different aurora shape in a different part of the sky (where your camera isn’t).

I named this first series of rare auroral explosions ‘Ragnarök Green’, as it really transcribes the sheer violence delivered by the hard shocks and collisions between particles from our Sun and those of the Earth. Just like the last battle between the Viking gods and demons in the legends, the Ragnarök of green auroras is the ultimate showdown in the long Arctic night.

Collectors will all receive the corresponding full-resolution TIFF or Jpeg file. I will randomly select one collector to receive a complimentary timelapse version (mp4) corresponding to their piece. Two other lucky collectors to be airdropped a free version of my Aurora Chasing iBook. Finally, the first person to collect a piece will win the possibility of a full evening/night of aurora chasing with me in the Tromsø area (Norway).

Adrien Mauduit


Adrien Mauduit is a professional nature cinematographer and astrophotographer, as well as an aurora and space weather expert based out of Tromsø in Arctic Norway. Ever since he was little, Adrien has been deeply passionate about nature, the sky, and space. After his very first serendipitous encounter with the aurora in Denmark in 2013, he bought his first camera to try and capture it. Since then, he quit his full-time engineer and teacher job and made his photography hobby into a full-time job, with a specialization in capturing life at night using innovative techniques. After many years of traveling and intense training in the field of space weather, Adrien has captured an extensive array of photographs, real-time and timelapse sequences of the milky way, the aurora, sky objects, animals at night, or other atmospheric phenomena. Some of his best camera work can be found in documentaries on platforms like BBC, Netflix, and National Geographic and he still works part-time with some of the world’s biggest production companies. In recent years, Adrien has been striving to educate the public on the harsh Arctic life as well as the auroral phenomenon through visual ibooks, webinars, and conferences around the world. Ever since he joined the metaverse last year, Adrien’s mission has been to spread awareness about the citizen science he conducts on a daily basis through the creation of visual art and new communities.