Urban Spirits by Olga Merrill

About this series

“Urban Spirits” is an abstract series representing the contemporary life of the cities through my eyes. I capture my images using multi-exposure mode in-camera to reveal my vision of dynamic, layered life of the metropolises and enigmatic spirits of the cozy towns. This series draws from my love of exploring the world and my urge to push on to yet another horizon, as well as the ways my imagination transforms the places I find myself.

This series was done during my travels (2018-2021) in the USA and Europe. The series includes images of both warm and cool tonalities. Layers and mystery are the essences of the whole series. I was happy to be invited to publish this series in "Edge of Humanity" Magazine. Collectors will get a signed book "Urban Spirits", (54 pages with 41 artworks) with NFT acquisition. You are welcome to explore my vision of the world.

As travel is going, so my stories are continuing. There will be a follow-on series that I started in December 2021 in Miami with a working title "Urban Illusion”. The collectors of "Urban Spirits" will be first notified and invited to collect the new series when it is completed.

Olga Merrill


Olga Merrill is an award-winning Maine based visual artist primarily using the medium of photography. She uses photography as a tool – like an instrument to make music or a brush for painting – to create an image of her vision, with a dreamy and indirect relationship to external reality. Some images are essentially representative photography of the world around her that nevertheless dissolve into the wonder of abstract patterns, while others are complex manipulations of the ordinary visual world that use intentional camera movement, multiple exposures, and well planned color palettes to reflect her vision, dreams and feelings.