Village of Poseidon by Paolo Lazzarotti

About this series

In the Gulf of the Poets of La Spezia (Italy) not so far from well known Cinque Terre National Park, there’s a very special village called Tellaro, built on a promontory protruding on the sea and inhabited by fishermen.

This place in the past has inspired many poets such as Byron and Shelley (just to say the most prominent ones) and it’s still inspiring many visual artists like myself that cannot resist its inexplicable magic I can breathe during the roughest sea storms!

This is the kind of thalassotherapy that is calming my interior storms and I’m now offering to you in the hope that can take the same benefits I’m having back.

For your best enjoying with my art/therapy, I will give a 50x70cm print along any NFT collected and a special perk to a collector picked randomly as soon my whole series is sold out.

Paolo Lazzarotti


Multi awarded and published artist in love with Primordial Beauty in Nature. Since 1992