Our planet has the capability of making us stop in our tracks at its sheer beauty and overwhelming drama. Photographers have, for many years, captured the most spectacular landscape images our planet can provide - volcanoes, mountains, lakes, glaciers and icebergs, tornadoes, lightning, aurora, stars, rivers, seas and oceans. The list is endless.

But this drama can often draw photographers away from the simple elements that make up these spectacular landscapes.

This collection of triptych nfts are my way of showing my love for the landscape and its infinite elements. They represent my curiosity and voyages of discovery in my local landscape and other parts of the UK I've visited over the years.

I've always taken close ups and intimate images and by displaying them as these triptychs I believe they are much stronger than the individual images that make up the trio. Rather than just one sentence they become a visual poem to the landscape!

They show all that is wonderful about our landscape - color, texture, shape, form, beauty and show my love of patterns, fractals, chaos, uniformity, surrealism and the humour I find within the landscapes I photograph.