About this series

Graphics, geometrical shapes, and patterns are present in nature and in all our surroundings. They have a strong effect on what we find visually appealing and artistic.

This collection was inspired by displaying balance and harmony along with a sense of rhythm and symmetry formed by graphics and patterns we see all around us in our daily lives.

I believe black and white photography emphasizes this beauty in a timeless and effective manner.

I search for visions that are elegant and aesthetically pleasing to the eye in every part of my life, and I would like to present to you my interpretation of such visions in this collection.

This is a collection of nine 1/1 edition photographs by Pelin Genc.


Pelin Genc


Pelin Genç is a multi-disciplinary photographer. Her main areas of interest are landscape, travel, and minimalist photography. She has a passion for long exposures and likes to blend her long exposure style in all genres she works on.

She likes to use soft, calming colors and a simple, clean, minimalist style in her long exposure photographs.

In her black and white work, she blends her minimalist style with use of graphics, light, shadows and contrast.

She looks for beauty, aesthetics and visually appealing scenes and photographs them. What inspires Pelin most with photography is being able to display and demonstrate such beauty to viewers as a photographer.

Since 2017, her works have been displayed at various exhibitions and platforms in Turkey, including long-term collective photography projects on minimalist photography, street photography, and landscape photography as well as international NFT exhibitions in 2022.

Some of her photos and articles were published in international and local magazines.

In 2016-2018, she wrote blog posts for a photography training center and conducted workshops on time lapse photography and how to use filters in long exposure photography.

In 2022, she started presenting some of her works as NFT collections

Currently, she is working on two long term collective photography projects that will be exhibited in the second half of 2023.

She lives in Istanbul.