Dreamscapes by Penelope Jo Matchett

About this series

Dreamscapes is a collection of photographically created, surreal scenes which represent a variety of issues I’ve encountered over years of self-growth. This collection spans over 7 years and narrates milestones and life experiences.

To create Dreamscapes, I photograph landscapes using natural light, self-portraits in my studio, and use various light painting techniques. When I bring these elements together through compositing, I create emotive, dream-like scenes.

The artworks represent personal themes of mental and chronic health struggles, loss, and fear. Through my art, I am able to draw inner strength to endure hardships.

My hope is that others will empathise with such issues and start conversations with their friends and loved ones, about topics that may not otherwise be discussed.

Penelope Jo Matchett


I’m an Australian photographic artist, forever on the search for light and magic. Based in Orange NSW, I create surreal photographic artworks by combining light painting, creative use of studio flash, self portraits and naturally lit landscapes.

I draw from my personal experience of living with a genetic, chronic illness and mental health issues for inspiration and to share my story. In turn, I use my art as my therapy and as a means to find beauty amongst the darkness.