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About this series

I love airplanes, I find them majestic and I want to see them up close. To make this series I had to find spots near the runways where I could get the right angle for the symmetry I was looking for, this caused me to have discussions with the police a few times.

For me, it's fascinating to watch them leave or arrive and imagine the people inside traveling from one place to another.

I consider them as time machines, if they go east they go to the future and if they go west they go back in time.

Philippe Sheraf


Philippe is a multidisciplinary photographer, moving from the boxing ring to aerial photography in helicopters, from the camera to the movie camera.

All of his projects come from what he is passionate about, he needs to know his subjects inside and out to bring out his best artistic vision.

His work is focused on aesthetics, playing with contrasts and shapes when he has no model but when a human is involved in the photograph he prefers to add emotions and metaphors, either in his photography or video work.