Venus Genesis II by Polly Pierce



About this series

My experience in Nude Art as a photographer and a model over the last decade has taught me to embrace Artistic freedom and overcome the fear of shame & judgment.


This collection is a remix of my genesis photography artworks, centered around my study of Divine Feminine essence. This time around, I wanted to enhance the captured moment's magic by letting my models breathe and move in their dreamlike surroundings. The soundtrack was produced by Emil Zenko to craft an emotionally fulfilling experience for the viewer.

The heroines of my collection were photographed between 2011 & 2021 in the warm shades of the sunset light in different places around the world from the French Riviera to Peru's Sacred Valley which makes this personal body of work a global team effort. Each artwork is named after a Renaissance painting honoring Venus - the goddess of Love.



Polly is a creative force & mindfulness advocate who creates Art for the Art sake.