About this series

Ukraine, the Kuyalnik estuary. When creating this photo series, I was inspired by the natural, and at the same time very unusual, «cosmic» landscape of the Kuyalnik estuary. The pond looks extraordinary at night and there is a feeling that you are on another planet. My task was to convey this image to the viewer by the simplest way of photography, practically without the use of the photomontage technique. Most of the works were taken at night on the unique pond of the Odessa region — Kuyalnik estuary. The series has received awards and was a finalist in Ukrainian and international photo contests.

The whole project, as well single photos from it, was exhibited in printed exhibitions both in Ukraine and abroad: London (UK), Lviv, Kyiv, Kharkiv (Ukraine), Rome (Italy), Wuhan (China), Kolkata (India)