Under the Sea lies an infinite spectrum of colors

Last summer, I was exploring the Oregon coast to escape from the city life I had found myself in during Covid. Through a cave and behind some massive rocks, I found the motherload of anemone in shallow tide pools. Even though I consider myself a professional, I proceeded to dunk my brand new macro lens into the saltwater while I was trying to get closer to a crab. Before that fateful event, I was able to snap a few photos of these beautiful creatures using my shadow to help with the glare on the water surface.

Now, I have learned my lesson. I could be upset that I was stupid to dunk my camera into saltwater, an idiot for not having insurance, the list could go on. But instead, I look at this as a learning moment where I can accept my mistake and move on. My five mantras are reminders to myself whenever I start to get bogged down by mistakes. The negative voices in my head say I am always going to be messing up, or failing. I balance the negative mindsets I can get into when I make a mistake with colorful photos and words of affirmation.

Rachel Wood


Ever since I quit my office job and bought a camera in 2019, I have been on a world tour of exploration and discovery as a professional photographer... See more