The Promise of Eos

Dumbledore said that happiness can be found in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light. For me, these words have great value because they are not just words from a fantasy novel but they relate to life, relate to us.

Presenting “The Promise of Eos” from my collection “Amour de Grey”, a story of a father and daughter.

About the title chosen, Eos was the loving daughter of the Titan Hyperion and the goddess of Dawn. I chose this title because it seemed just apt for the subject. A daughter to a father is like a new dawn, a reason for him to search for a light yet at the end of each night.

But our society is one big satire!

Without going into controversies here, I will make a statement. Thing is, children are often closer to their mothers because a mother's love is so fluid and warm whereas a father often has to struggle to show the full length of his emotional spectrum. Yes, exceptions are there but in most cases, fathers are often a distant figure to children, a guiding star but too far to hold.

But does that mean a father doesn't feel it? Does that mean he lacks warmth? Well, being a father myself I sometimes hopelessly wonder about all these. But in the end, I think we all fathers, distant or close, want only one thing- my child to be unhurt and always have that smile plastered over his/her face.

There are so many dark sides to this society, especially involving a girl child. Starting from female foeticide to sexual assault, domestic violence, disrespect and so much more. Sometimes their parents become their enemies and go to the extent of killing them.

This makes me wonder what's the difference between these two kinds of fathers. Fatherhood is a gift of nature and I think it's the most beautiful feeling when you hold your baby girl for the first time, when they start calling you papa or when they wear a school uniform and call out to you. Then why this discrimination must exist? Why is fatherhood so brutally misled?

This snap captured a beautiful moment - an everyday activity but very significant. A father goes through various struggles to make his daughter happy. Just like in this photograph, he is truly a light amidst the mist, always caring and protecting his little princess.

And yet someday she will grow up and leave his home taking all his lights along with her.

“The Promise of Eos” is an ordinary everyday story but as I say - great stories are always found amidst the ordinary. Let “The Promise of Eos” be a voice against all the dark practices against the girl child, let it be a voice of all those fathers who care, who love, and who protect.


Ratnadwip Saha


I am a multidisciplinary photographer from India. I have been doing photography as a passion for the last 6/7 years. Though I started my journey by clicking streets and people’s life, I have been exploring different genres over time like travel, landscape, portrait & wildlife photography. My style of photography mostly tends to create minimalistic and environmental images. My images are featured in pages like Incredible India, Tripoto Community, Outlook Traveler, Street Photography International, BBC News Hindi etc. I got into the NFT space in January, 2022 and am exploring the space as an NFT Artist now.



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