The Return of Argos

Sometimes the daylight can blind us and even with all the brightness, we can't seem to find the darkness that lives in us. But amidst the haze, when no eyes are scanning you, where you have no more pretence to indulge yourself with, you find your true self. And our true self knows to love and nurture. We keep denying our emotions but are we really what we want to project?

This snap here is about the lost language of us human beings. This shows a very common sight but its meaning runs deep indeed. In this global era where time is money and nothing else matters, where animal trafficking is just another legal business to many, this snap shows that humanity is still not lost.

The USP of this snap lies in its ordinariness.

When we can’t share our feelings with another person, often our pets that we coy with. Our unspoken words are felt by them and they never judge us. Thus be it our pet or any other being in the wilderness, they deserve their freedom and care and naturalism. With the advancement of technology, we are messed up in the "haze" and it's slowly draining us. It’s more like miasma than liberation.

Now coming to the title. Honestly while deciding the Title of this snap I felt lost. I kept on thinking but nothing seemed justified until I came across the story of Argos - the dog of Odysseus who returned after 20 years to him. I named it Return of Argos in the hope that just like Argos returned to its master, one day may humanity return to us with leaps and bounds. That one day, we humans, learn to value all other creatures on this planet and for once, just for once put others before our selfishness.

Thus “The Return of Argos” from is a message to the global audience to spread and inspire active consciousness against animal cruelty. We must remember that they might not speak our language but they know love and they understand pain. An artist should always make the world a better place and I am trying in my way.


Ratnadwip Saha


I am a multidisciplinary photographer from India. I have been doing photography as a passion for the last 6/7 years. Though I started my journey by clicking streets and people’s life, I have been exploring different genres over time like travel, landscape, portrait & wildlife photography. My style of photography mostly tends to create minimalistic and environmental images. My images are featured in pages like Incredible India, Tripoto Community, Outlook Traveler, Street Photography International, BBC News Hindi etc. I got into the NFT space in January, 2022 and am exploring the space as an NFT Artist now.



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Tripura, India


Nikon D500


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