The Oath of Pythias

Friend - a creature that you are not linked by blood but with soul. Friendship - a bond you earned, created, and responded to on your own.

It's a family outside the family...it's your first rush, first cigarette, first drink, first tour together, first partner hunt, whatever it may be, it's with friends...a bond forged with happiness and interdependence. Here there's no ego, no judgement. Here dependency never asks for freedom…because you like it…because you trust it…because there will always be a Joey to Chandler and Monica to Rachel.

I don't know how much justice this snap did to capture the friendship of the subjects here, but I hope you definitely can feel the emotions portrayed. True Friendship remains intact even if everything goes south and just like that these two subjects in the snap have covered this hazy road every day. They chatted and shared moments. They indulged in one another's grief but never decided to walk alone or walk ahead of one another.

Friendship for me is the purest of relations that can ever exist on any plane. Since the beginning of time, the world has witnessed great friendships, the bard sang their tales and thus I simply named this snap “The Oath of Pythias” to pay tribute to one such great bond of friendship. I perhaps wasn’t there to witness the trail and promise of Damon and Pythias but I do believe their essence is not lost ever.

I think friendship is about a subtle balance. Entering headfast into it is one thing and properly harnessing it is an altogether different story and that is the reason sometimes we lose friends. Real friends don't leave and I don't mean it literally. Maybe distance sometimes pops up but friends find their way back and when they do it's as if no time has passed at all.

So I dedicate this frame to all my friends out there. Cheers to this bond.

Presenting “The Oath of Pythias” - a tale of friendship, a tale of walking together.


Ratnadwip Saha


I am a multidisciplinary photographer from India. I have been doing photography as a passion for the last 6/7 years. Though I started my journey by clicking streets and people’s life, I have been exploring different genres over time like travel, landscape, portrait & wildlife photography. My style of photography mostly tends to create minimalistic and environmental images. My images are featured in pages like Incredible India, Tripoto Community, Outlook Traveler, Street Photography International, BBC News Hindi etc. I got into the NFT space in January, 2022 and am exploring the space as an NFT Artist now.



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Tripura, India


Nikon D500


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