Orpheus’ Escape

I know that we often associate escape with negative sentiments. But my collection "Amour de Grey" is all about establishing ordinary sights and feelings in a completely different light.

Presenting now "Orpheus’ Escape" - my last piece from "Amour de Grey".

Let us first dig some mythological reference on Orpheus.

Orpheus and Eurydice were lovers, husband and wife to be exact. But after living a short-married life, Eurydice died. Heart-broken, Orpheus descended to hell, the land of death with the hope to see his wife. Such was his love that even escaping to hell seemed rational to him.

However, my capture “Orpheus’ Escape” is a story of escaping nevertheless, but to my pleasure, it's not running away in here. Escape is a very difficult word both in its meaning and essence because it makes us feel vulnerable and it requires a great deal of courage to actually accept the true escaper living inside of us.

Escape is solely dependent on two things I guess – from who or what you are escaping? And why are you escaping?

"Orpheus’ Escape" doesn't really answer these questions but it upholds or rather captures the spirit of escapism. It’s liberating to finally be free and to just give up control and let you lose even if just for a moment. It’s the thrill that is addictive.

And can you blame anyone if he tries to escape for just a moment and leave all his worries behind? Can you really blame him for a ride amidst the winter fog? Isn’t that what life is about? To feel it all? To savour nature? To be adventurous?

If your answer is yes, then be a little indulgent and let your mind float along with "Orpheus’ Escape".


Ratnadwip Saha


I am a multidisciplinary photographer from India. I have been doing photography as a passion for the last 6/7 years. Though I started my journey by clicking streets and people’s life, I have been exploring different genres over time like travel, landscape, portrait & wildlife photography. My style of photography mostly tends to create minimalistic and environmental images. My images are featured in pages like Incredible India, Tripoto Community, Outlook Traveler, Street Photography International, BBC News Hindi etc. I got into the NFT space in January, 2022 and am exploring the space as an NFT Artist now.



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Tripura, India


Nikon D500


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