About this series

The series is an approach to one of my great passions: black and white landscapes. It has always seemed to me a wonderful way to connect with our mother earth. Its beauty and uniqueness are boundless. Throughout my career as a photographer, I have always revered the works of the great Ansel Adams and Sebastião Salgado. They are true references and masters of the art of black and white photography. This series is an homage and tribute to their works."



I started in photography in 2009. After half a life in poetry, my motivation was basically to reinvent and create with what everyday life offers us. Given my hearing limitation, I always put special interest in observation. I understood photography as a whole, away from themes and reports, rather a constant search passed through the filter of all my poetic and conceptual training.

David Díaz (aka Remon Díaz). La Habana. Cuba 1972 Photographer and poet.