About this series

The series consists of 10 storytelling artworks showing people and cultures from different places around the world. Each artwork tells a story related to the represented subject or tradition.

The series "People & Stories" is Roberto Pazzi's genesis and it is intended to be a small tribute to the beauty of mankind.


Roberto Pazzi


Award-winning and published travel photographer, permanently exhibited in Singapore, author for a Brazilian gallery, manager and leader for photographic expeditions to remote cultures.

Awards: 🏆PX3 (Prix de la Photographie Paris) | 🏆ND Awards (Natural Density Photo Awards) | 🏆MIFA (Moscow International Foto Awards) | 🏆VIEPA (Vienna International Photo Awards) | 🏆GPA (Global Photo Awards) | 🏆MonoVisions Awards | 🏆VIPA (Visual International Photo Awards) | 🏆BIFA (Budapest International Foto Awards) | 🏆TIFA (Tokyo International Foto Awards) | 🏆APA (Annual Photography Awards) | 🏆Chromatic Photo Awards | 🏆PIL WC (Photo Is Light World Contest) | 🏆Nikon TPOTY (Travel Photography of The Year) | 🏆500px GPA (500px Global Photography Awards​) | 🏆ONE EYELAND | 🏆35Awards