We Are Particles (Part 4) #1

We Are Particles (Part 4)

We Are Particles, intricately connected to everything around us- earth, water, air and spirit intertwine to tell us the story of a million years that came before. Will we protect this sacred ground or give in to the weight of complacency. United we hold the fate of tomorrow, we are important, strong, capable of immense change. Let us stand in the strength of togetherness, with compassion and love as our greatest weapon. We are particles sewn together, elements and spirit. We are the universe and the universe is us.

I created this series on a roadtrip across western USA with close friends that I felt could portray my inner world in the physical space. This series was first presented in my art book “Bodies of Light” and allowed me to explore combining poetry with visual art, which was also presented at the Leonora Carrington Museum in Mexico.



Rob Woodcox


Rob Woodcox is an art photographer and film director currently living between Mexico and the US. As he creates each artwork, Rob strives to capture fragments of a vivid life sewn by the threads of reality, memory and dream. He has produced projects raising consciousness and conversation around the US foster system and adoption, queer identity, body neutrality, racial equality and environmental justice. Having been adopted as a child and experiencing his own "coming out" process, Rob creates from a unique perspective, finding hope in human connection and the will to overcome negative constructs within our complex societies. Rob has been featured in various major publications, gallery exhibits and has produced commercial work for clients like Universal Pictures, Apple and Capitol Records.



Extended Editorial


Utah, USA


Fine Art Photography


Rob Woodcox






Extended Editorial

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