India is a country of thousands of cultures, traditions, festivals and languages. We often get to enjoy fairs and celebrations in different places of the country that are eventually a source of joy, entertainment and income for many people. Pushkar Fair is one such fair that is celebrated like a festival in the month of October or November every year in Rajasthan. This image was clicked at Pushkar Fair, Rajasthan, India. The Pushkar fair is the largest camel, horse and cattle fair in India. Being at a part of the Thar Desert, the temperature starts falling as the sun sets down and it becomes very cold during the night time. The camel owners spend their nights in the tents as well as on the open ground. And to save themselves from the extreme cold, they need to make fireplaces with wooden sticks etc from the evening till the sun rises. This picture is an environmental portrait of a camel owner trying to get himself some relief from the cold.