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About this series

Maasai Mara - A trip that was a dream for years that finally came true. Not sure if I have the right words to explain how precious the visit was. Photography aside, visiting Masai Mara is one of the most humbling travel experiences I’ve had, and the journey was a homecoming in more ways than one.

Mornings of Mara are blissful, serene, and insanely spiritual. We used to start our day at 5:30am – like, a few minutes drive, and we were surrounded by beautiful wilderness and growls of lions mixed with occasional grumbles of aged land cruisers and of course the gorgeous noise of our camera shutters.

It's a story of my 7-day escape to Masai Mara, known as a quintessential paradise for the world’s finest wildlife that took me to another level of consciousness while keeping me away from the urban tech world and its crowd. It felt like life gave me a small pause to experience and realize how beautiful mother nature is which can’t be compared or explained in words.

This collection consists of 15 1/1 handpicked wildlife images captured from their natural habitat and created with my own vision while keeping it away from usual all-time sighted colors and I called it “Into the Wild”.

Collector Perks:

Each collector of an image priced at .5 eth will receive a 1/1 exclusive image as a giveaway which is minted along with the same smart contract.

2 random collectors of images priced at .3 eth will receive a 1/1 exclusive image as a giveaway which is minted along with the smart contract.

Note: images reserved for the giveaway are listed at the end of the collection.

Sajin Sasidharan


Sajin Sasidharan is a multiple awarded fine art photographer based in Dubai, UAE, specializing in black & white, long exposure photography. He has tried his hands-on macros, street, landscapes and portrait photography before eventually finding his true calling in B & W long exposure photography. His fine art photographs comprise architecture elements and extensive natural & urban views. The obsession with photography led this self-taught photographer to endeavor the complex elements of photography.