Candid Smile

In Masai Mara, each moment is different and most importantly is fleeting and ephemeral. Henri Cartier-Bresson, one of the most famous practitioners of the art of street photography, coined the phrase “the decisive moment,” referring to the peak moment when two or more elements interact in a meaningful way. Cartier-Bresson relied on capturing convergences of motion, shape, and expression to create his art; ideally, the moment would also tell a story about the subject. Understanding the behaviors and waiting for the right moment is the key to getting interesting wildlife photographs. This time it was a yawn of a lion, and each shutter has a different feeling and emotion. This image is one of my initial photographs which I captured during the trip.

The most royal of species is silently disappearing.

Did you know there are now fewer lions than there are rhinos?

Did you know there are half as many lions as there were just 25 years ago?

There are estimated to be around 20,000 lions left in the wild with an estimated 7,000 living in captivity.


Sajin Sasidharan


Sajin Sasidharan is a multiple awarded fine art photographer based in Dubai, UAE, specializing in black & white, long exposure photography. He has tried his hands-on macros, street, landscapes and portrait photography before eventually finding his true calling in B & W long exposure photography. His fine art photographs comprise architecture elements and extensive natural & urban views. The obsession with photography led this self-taught photographer to endeavor the complex elements of photography.



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