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NFT Artist Portraits - 2022

About this series

That artistic and personal vision is crucial in the rendering of a portrait becomes evident when the crypto artists move within a context that refers to their artwork and are photographed.

The NFTs Artists portraits project was born from Sara Aliscioni's vision aimed at immortalizing the protagonists of the new international scene, explorers of the crypto world.

The photos portray the authors of the new art forms that involve the digitization of a physical work or the creation of a digital work.

Italian and international artists have posed in various places and contexts.

Rome, Milan, Venice, Turin, Pisa, Imperia, Latina and Casablanca are among the cities that have been the background to the portraits.

The photographic choice, with a strictly black and white calligraphy, proposes images built on the inspiration that the photographer has drawn from the knowledge of both the artists and their art. The portrait has always played a crucial role in photography which, despite its evolutions, has continued to be associated with the representation of people.

Walter Benjamin wrote:

“The renunciation of the human figure is the most difficult of all things for photography”.

In the twentieth century, with the explosion of Pop Art, Andy Warhol with his Self Portraits and with his portraits of characters such as Marilyn Monroe, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Man Ray, made the faces of these protagonists iconic giving the portraits a central aspect and well embedded in contemporary visual culture.

Within a refined setting composed in a very personal key, Sara offers a portfolio of photos of artists who have posed, portraying, through their image, themselves and their artistic language within a frame that refers to their own work.

The project therefore has as its main objective that of witnessing some of the precursors of the new frontier of interconnected virtual and real worlds, such as the NFTs, restoring that sort of immortality that man has always pursued.

The new exponents who are giving life to a new way of making art, Crypto Art, merging with their artistic vision reinterpreted by the photographer Sara Aliscioni, become witnesses of an unprecedented collection that comes from the desire to show, through the faces, the ways and attitudes, a new chapter of contemporary Art.

The price includes:

  • shipment of the catalog signed by the author of the project.
  • shipment of signed print of the portrait certified 1/1, Fine Art Printing on professional quality cotton paper Canson. The sizes of the prints are specified under each portrait artist.

Sara Aliscioni



Sara has been dedicating herself to photography and photographic calligraphy since 2006. She matured the artistic matrix from her father, musician and composer, who led her to explore not only the world of theater, to which she dedicated herself for several years both as an interpreter as a stage photographer, but also of music, studying classical music theory and playing bass for several years, as well as cinema, influenced by the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia where her father worked as a sound engineer.

In addition to the various courses on photographic techniques and workshops dedicated to travel reportage, he attended the training promoted by the MoMA on photography as a means of individual artistic expression, as a technique for exploring and documenting the reality as well as a tool for communication and criticism of society and our culture. Subsequently, driven by an interest in history that draws on photojournalism as a primary source, she followed the course on the use of images, films and their historical interpretation in the 20th century with the University of London & Royal Holloway.

Among the activities followed, Sara has curated various photographic backstage works, the last of these at the Macro Museum in Rome. After having increased her knowledge, she has also matured her style thanks to the continuous and daily training of the artist Alessandro Bavari.

United by photography as an expression of art, as well as by their personal bond, together they created the book Kill the Covid! a rural horror photographic mockumentary set in Italy, faithful to their artistic, visionary and provocative style.


The photographic choice oriented towards Reportage and Street Photography, features strictly black and white calligraphy. Inspired by the language of the Hungarian director Béla Tarr, Sara Aliscioni offers images made of symbolism, drama and poetry in an objective but at the same time sentimental interpretation, describing the harsh reality that sees man at its center in familiar and everyday contexts. The common thread is always the search for beauty even when what surrounds the subject is decadent, dark and forgotten.