NFT Artist Portraits - 2022

That artistic and personal vision is crucial in the rendering of a portrait becomes evident when the crypto artists move within a context that refers to their artwork and are photographed.

The NFTs Artists portraits project was born from Sara Aliscioni's vision aimed at immortalizing the protagonists of the new international scene, explorers of the crypto world.

The photos portray the authors of the new art forms that involve the digitization of a physical work or the creation of a digital work.

Italian and international artists have posed in various places and contexts.

Rome, Milan, Venice, Turin, Pisa, Imperia, Latina and Casablanca are among the cities that have been the background to the portraits.

The photographic choice, with a strictly black and white calligraphy, proposes images built on the inspiration that the photographer has drawn from the knowledge of both the artists and their art. The portrait has always played a crucial role in photography which, despite its evolutions, has continued to be associated with the representation of people.

Walter Benjamin wrote:

“The renunciation of the human figure is the most difficult of all things for photography”... See more

Sara Aliscioni



Sara has been dedicating herself to photography and photographic calligraphy since 2006... See more