World of Long Exposure by Sarah Lyndsay

About this series

“World of Long Exposure” is a collection of 10 unique 1/1 landscape photography NFTs by Sarah Lyndsay

When I first picked up a camera and began my landscape photography journey, I was immediately drawn to the art of long exposure. This is a technique which uses a Neutral Density filter and acts as a pair of sunglasses for the camera. The filter cuts down on the amount of light hitting the sensor which then allows the camera to capture images at longer shutter speeds creating smooth water and streaks in the clouds.

My go to staple filter is a 10 stop ND and each image in this series was photographed with one. By using the filter, it helps me create an ethereal image with a dramatic edge and has become my signature look for the majority of my landscape imagery. It doesn’t matter where or what I am photographing, if there is a sky and water in the image, I will reach for my 10 stop.

Sarah Lyndsay


Sarah Lyndsay is a published self-portrait & landscape photographer based in the Canadian Rockies. With over 10 years experience in the photography industry, she is widely known for her long exposure photography and ethereal self-portrait work taken in her signature yellow dress that travels all over the world with her.