Connect | Disconnect by Saram Maqbool Collection Header Image

Connect | Disconnect is a collection that talks about personal loss, recovery, and rediscovery of oneself. These images hold a very important place in my heart as they signify what I went through after losing a very close friend. I started my photography after going through this difficult phase. I used my friend’s camera more as a shield at first; a shield from those around me who constantly forced me to be social, and not in the friendliest of ways. I was first the outsider because of my newly developed isolated nature and I was later the outcast as considered by many around me.

In this way, the camera became somewhat of a bridge for me. Just like a bridge connects two places while disconnecting other places, my camera connected me to the world around me while also disconnecting me from direct, physical interaction. These images represent how disconnected I was from everyone and everything around me, even though I was so close. I think that is why I love taking pictures of isolated people on top of bridges – bridges that connect two spaces while disconnecting others.

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