Kushti – The Art of Wrestling & A Way of Life

Kushti is a form of combat wrestling that originated in India wherein the wrestlers practice the sport on mud and by becoming a disciple of the Akhara under a Guru who runs it. Traditionally, Akhara’s are places where the Pehelwans (Those who practice wrestling) live and train along with their Guru and learn the art of wrestling.

Kushti isn't just a sport — it's an ancient subculture where wrestlers live and train together and follow strict rules on everything from what they can eat to what they can do in their spare time. The focus is on living a pure life, building strength, and honing their wrestling skills.

The wrestlers consider their Akhara as a temple and their Guruji as God. Lord Hanuman, the deity of strength, is worshiped by the wrestlers, and they all practice abstinence or Brahmacharya (celibacy) like their deity Hanuman. Wrestling is worship to them.

Every wrestler has to wear Langot, a type of attire consisting of a loincloth or underwear which is usually worn by the Indian mud wrestler before entering the Akhara. Kushti is practiced on a training ground which is usually made of mud, and clay mixed with oil and ground turmeric. Water is added every few days to k... See more