Ladakh's Loom Collection Header Image

About this series

Step into the pixelated splendor of India's rooftop, Ladakh. A set of images that weave magic and tell a tale of Aryans dressed in vibrant Goncha.

This mountain-surrounded region has always been very close to my heart because that's where I started my journey as a photographer. A place with a rich cultural tapestry influenced by Tibetian and Buddhist heritage, Ladakh's Loom isn't just a digital token, it's an echo of the rich culture of Ladakh and a Ballad, serenading the spirit of the mountains.

These portraits may look like they have been taken in a studio but in reality, all have been shot inside their homes with available natural light.

Join me in celebrating this journey, one pixel at a time.



SilkSwati is a photographer, avid traveler and a food stylist at heart from the city of dreams - Mumbai, currently based in Abu Dhabi. Her love for travel and food made her pick up the camera and now she has slowly turned her passion into a profession. Though born, brought up and lived her entire life in the hustle and bustle of metropolitan cities, her soul is always under a billion stars somewhere in the mountains.