Giverny, Monet´s Garden by Simon Puschmann

Full Splendor in Motion

The white of a water lily with a rich green leaf in the midst of deepest blue, the sea of blue thistles, or the brown-yellow magnificence of a coneflower – all show nature, full of energy, in its full, explosive beauty. These works uniquely show how fleeting and ephemeral the beauty of nature is.

Taken with a Super 8 camera on color negative film, the pictures bring out the luminosity of nature’s remarkably vibrant colors, while the fuzziness that is the result of the consciously jerky movements of the film camera emphasizes the ephemeral quality of human visual perception. The film strip consists of a varying number of individual images, created frame by frame, in which the camera operator, with full engagement of his body, works against the proverbial rolling time of the film camera and thus records the moment of the human eye in passing. The resulting randomness in the exposed material using this technique, the outcome of which cannot be judged until the film has been developed and scanned, is a kind of passage into the unknown. It is both open and staked out, and makes the photographer into an accomplice of the observer’s passing glance. This impres... See more