ENDLESS LIGHT (The Blue Series Collection) by Sketchlight Collection Header Image

ENDLESS LIGHT (The Blue Series Collection) by Sketchlight

About this series

Endless light is expressed by the fact that it spreads everywhere. It is a light that is not limited and revealed everywhere, even when it is not revealed in the world by its infinite being, it is everywhere openly.

Technique: Light Painting Photography (one single exposure) Light painting is an art form, a technique that consists of creating Images by capturing the movement of light. In all our creations we do the lightning by hand.

“There are hidden things We will not understand We will not know We will do things too which appear for no reason Do not need anything Explore and ask Sometimes it is also allowed not to know everything." (Zohar Argov)

Created by Ray Vgner & Keren Eicher

Sketchlight (Ray Vagner)


Light painting photography artist addicted to waving lights in the dark. All pictures are one single exposure.