The Kulasai Mutharamman Temple, located at Kulasekharapatanam near Thiruchendur in Thoothukudy district of Tamil Nadu is famed for its unique mode of celebrating the Navarathri or Dasara Festival. Devotees who arrive for the festival take alms from house to housto raise funds for their expenses. And whatever money remains after their expenses are offered to the temple.

The devotees arriving for the festival undergo fast for 41 days. During the last ten days, which includes the Navarathri days, the devotees dress up emulating the gods and goddesses of the local pantheon. They have to keep away from intoxication and other forms of indulgent, as well as refrain from violent and sinful acts of any sort. Some of the devotees even assume the guise of Goddess Kali. Many people come to these dressed up devotees and seek their blessings.