Seasonal Journal by Steph Cheng

This project never really began. Instead, it became a record of my personal and emotional trajectory. It became my “wound”.

This project is a “Seasonal Journal”, because like the world around us, we grow and evolve with time. As humans, we’re always in a state of change, and this is a reflection of the many internal and external phases I have experienced over the past few seasons. I’ve always felt the most at peace with nature, and I believe my perception of self shifts according to the natural cycle.

In the spirit of human connection, I hope to establish a relationship with each owner of an NFT by having them complete the ‘Journal’ component in “Seasonal Journal”. The owner of each NFT will be able to write a message directed towards someone they wish to connect with, which will then be displayed alongside their image on the project page. Anonymity will be respected.

“Seasonal Journal” will come to full fruition when all 12 photos include 12 corresponding messages. In addition, each collector will receive a physical copy of the set in the form of a set of postcards.